Industry: Politicians

Founded: 2017

Mike Tolkin is a Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City. Leveraging Mike Tolkin's background as a tech entrepreneur and innovator, the #TolkinForMayor campaign is structured as a lean start-up with a focus on solving problems, communicating through visual content, and cultivating highly-engaged communities using online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Mike Tolkin's "Smart Cities" platform advocates a modern American Revolution - to functionally re-frame government's role from one of maintenance to one of long-term investment. His five-part #NYC2030 plan includes a comprehensive set of initiatives to make New York City a safer, fairer and more enjoyable place for all New Yorkers by modernizing government systems and operations, repairing and expanding infrastructure, upgrading city services, and investing in New York's creative sector and high-growth industries.

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